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Wireless LAN Professional Services

Avoid the concerns about wireless LAN integration by using Newbury Data professional services from initial pre-sales discussions to full installation, configuration and commissioning.

It is vital for every company to select the right partner to assist them when designing the radio system that will fulfil the their requirements.

Certain factors need to be addressed before the site survey, during installation & commissioning, as well as after the sign off to ensure the customer gains the full value of the wireless system investment.



Here is a 10-point plan for delivering a new wireless infrastructure to support mobile computing or mobile printing applications, some points may be handled internally by the customer, or may be out sourced to Newbury Data’s professional services team.

1. Pre-Sales

Either Newbury Data pre sales account manager or pre sales technical consultant will provide experience in a wide range of wireless devices to enable you to choose the right technology to support your application. Demonstration equipment is available for on-site meetings or for longer evaluation periods.

2. Wireless LAN Security

During the pre sale stage or during the project management meeting Newbury Data can advise of best practice and equipment requirements for wireless LAN security based on the business’s needs.

3. Site Survey

The back bone to any wireless LAN solution. Newbury Data site surveys are based on using Cisco equipment to identify the locations and itemise the full requirement of equipment to provide coverage and connectivity in the area required by the customer.

4. Site Survey Report

Each site survey report details the exact equipment required including site layouts, equipment positioning, as well as a network topology design, illustrating the full system requirements. Details of any wireless security discussions including equipment are also included within the site survey report.

5. Project Management

If the customer wishes to proceed with an agreed level of installation and configuration the project can be managed from beginning to end. The benefit of this is that all the work will be managed as a project with programmed agreed delivery dates with the customer being kept fully informed of key targets and progress.

6. Cable Installation

Newbury Data is able to provide assistance or full project management in the installation of LAN cabling, including power over Ethernet to minimise client downtime and to ensure full project management cover and ownership in the deployment of the entire wireless system all the way back to the host server/system.

7. Pre-Configuration

Newbury Data will pre-configure equipment at our workshop repair and configuration facility in Winsford prior to delivery and deployment, ensuring all equipment is free from defect, tested and ready for immediate installation once on-site.

8. Access Point Installation & Mounting

Newbury Data is able to provide assistance or full project management in the installation of Access Point Mounting, again to minimise client downtime and to ensure full project management cover and ownership in the deployment of the wireless system.

9. Configuration & Commissioning

If not pre-configured, or if purchased from a 3rd party, Newbury Data can fully configure the access points and other WLAN devices, ensuring that the system is finely tuned to offer the best connectivity and coverage for the client’s application area.

10. Support

Once deployed, Newbury Data will offer ongoing tele-support and optional on-site support to review any issues identified. All issues are resolved with agreed resolutions with the customer. In addition Newbury Data can also provide system health checks to add/remove or review/fault find any issues with existing systems.

For Professional Services prices please contact sales on 01606 593424.

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