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Cubetape C190 Mobile dimensioning and data capture device

Cubetape® is a low cost wireless handheld data collection device. It captures item, and dimensional data which can be sent to other devices or to a host application.  It fits easily into current business processes and integrates seamlessly with Transport and Logistics applications on PC and PDA platforms.

In despatch, receiving and on the road, Cubetape® accurately captures critical item, and measurement data and transfers using wired or wireless technologies It includes a replaceable 19mm tape, wired, infrared and Bluetooth® communications, optional display, Li-ion rechargeable battery, and configurable
workflow options.

Cubetape® can be integrated with other devices used in Transport and Logistics applications including PCs, PDAs, scales and printers. A barcode scanner can be added, and Cubetape® has been designed to integrate with existing PDA and PC infrastructure.
Cubetape® can be integrated with existing applications with no additional software using the Bluetooth HID profile, or the SDK can provide full access to Cubetape® functions in a .net environment.


  • Mobile dimensioning and data capture device
  • Digital tape, display and optional scanner
  • Bluetooth® and USB communications
  • HID and SPP Bluetooth® profiles
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Replaceable tape cassette
  • Configurable settings and workflow
  • Receiving, Shipping, and Transport applications
  • Integration with PDAs, PCs, printers, scales
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