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Despite the increasing sophistication and flexibility of “off-the-shelf” applications, many organisations suffer the burden of fixed position workstations with manual or time-consuming processes. 

All have one thing in common, mobilising them would provide measurable efficiency.

Newbury Data’s highly experienced applications developers address these processes by designing innovative bespoke solutions using a broad range of technologies.


Our team helps clients in many areas including:

  • Business requirements definition with functional specification report
  • Design & development of bespoke applications
  • Integrating applications onto mobile computers & printing technologies
  • Installation & integration of wireless LAN infrastructure and Security

Key benefits:

  • Increased flexibility of new applications with no interruption to existing software
  • Hardware and software to exactly meet your needs
  • Full support and consultation through all stages

Bespoke Development

We can provide tailored applications to suite the demanding requirements of modern day business procedures. Newbury Data relies on their existing Libraries to ensure development time is kept to a minimum and provides all the expertise required to perform all tasks within the Software Development lifecycle from Design phase, through Development, Testing and finally to Installation/Integration and training.

Development Libraries

Newbury Data has developed software libraries for handheld PC’s, Printers, Scanners and other computer peripheral devices. These form the basis for both in-house and external software developments.

Device Communications

Newbury Data has the ability to interface too many of the modern printers, scanners and other peripheral devices from both handheld & truck mounted devices. Method of communications includes wired, wireless, IRDA, Bluetooth, etc…

Interface/Integration Services

Newbury Data prides itself on the ability to interface to both legacy and modern systems. Using the latest technology and its own Interface Library Newbury Data can provide a cost effective fully functional interface to many existing software system using TCP/IP, XML, ADO, SOAP, text files, etc…

Technology Used

Newbury Data uses the latest Microsoft .NET Development environment to ensure that all software developed is both future-proof and adheres to modern day requirements.


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