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Printronix Character Substitution Tables (CST)

The power of the Printronix Advanced Tool Kit (ATK) can be applied to help resolve your legacy migration issues. As equipment ages and needs to be replaced, the legacy applications created for the old equipment may need to replaced or modified as well. Replacement or modifications may cost many times the price of the hardware. Before, you had no choice.

Now with Printronix Advanced Tool Kit, you do. Using the character substitution table (CST) capability of the ATK, you can modify the print data stream at the printer. CST dynamically converts old legacy printer codes into Printronix printer codes, making Printronix printers compatible with your legacy applications. CST runs on the printer and does not require any host interaction. Once installed, CST can be enabled only for legacy application jobs. All other print jobs will pass to the printer untouched.

CST's are available for the following printers:


Midrange Commercial Thermal Printers High  Performance  Industrial Thermal Printers Line Matrix Printers  


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