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About Fingerprint

Fingerprint is the only true programming tool for printers.

It is simple-to-use yet robust allowing you to fully customise any printer function, by utilising Fingerprint´s BASIC-like command structure. A programming tool, such as Fingerprint is completely unique to the industry. Competitive printers contain a static command language that controls the printer with the help of an attached computer, similar to using our Direct Protocol or IPL printer programming languages. Intermec printers come with a command language (Direct Protocol) and a printer-resident, dynamic application programming language (Fingerprint), which allows you to fully customise any printer function.  Intermec’s Fingerprint printers are preinstalled with both a command language (Direct Protocol similar to ZPL etc.) and Fingerprint. Which one to use depends on the type of application and desired degree of software flexibility.

Fingerprint is dynamic and can be programmed to meet a customer’s special requirements. When using a command language based printer, the customer must fully adapt his system and requirements to the printer. The printer can in no way adapt to the host.  When the host software cannot be changed, a computer must be connected between the host and the command language based printer. A computer software application converts the host data into a data string that the printer will understand.

Using Fingerprint, the printer is instead programmed to receive the host data and to pick the appropriate information from the data string for printing, i.e. the host sends existing data (No computer needed) and Fingerprint adapts data string to fit printer.  Furthermore, the Fingerprint printer can also be programmed to handle operator input using the built-in keyboard and display, or input or control of other equipment such as: -

  • Weigh Scales
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Applicators
  • Second printer

A Fingerprint printer is like a computer that prints, allowing for a seamless integration to an existing host system. Furthermore, Fingerprint allows for customising any type of printer functionality, to even further meet or exceed the customer’s expectations.

Some unique examples of what Fingerprint can do:

  • Handle existing data strings from a host system to create labels with original host data
  • Handle existing command language strings (like ZPL) from a host system
  • Control other digital equipment like applicators, scales, conveyor belt signals etc.
  • Customised printer display and keyboard functions for operator input
  • Customised data input/output for a wide variety of interfaces
  • Printer resident data bases for distributed data handling
  • Flexible solutions tailored to a customer changing application requirements
  • Reduce host system development costs and time - no need to make changes at the host system software
  • Capability to leverage many operating modes across one common printer platform
  • Speed of implementation (faster response to customer demands)
  • Ability to integrate bar code labelling into a customer’s process where it was previously unattainable without major system changes
  • Printer acting as a computer can control other equipment (scale, label applicator, scanner, second printer etc)
  • Less hardware to purchase, deploy and maintain.




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