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At Newbury Data it's part of our culture to quickly understand a customers' needs, whatever the size or complexity of their application. This gives our team of account managers the edge when it comes to applying the specialist skills they have acquired.  

Our account managers know 'people make the difference' and that their friendly and committed approach to establishing long-term relationships works. We continue to invest heavily in both people and technology, which is why all managers within our New Business Team are able to offer the best advice available, supported by specifically tailored finance packages

Finance Options  
Finance Lease

The key feature of Finance or Capital leasing is that companies have full use of the equipment without all the associated burdens of ownership. The period of the lease is normally matched to the useful life expectancy of the equipment and once that term is expired the equipment is returned to the leasing company. This type of lease is flexible enough to allow a customer to upgrade all or part of the equipment at any time during the lease and for profit making companies there are also valuable tax benefits available.


Welcome to future proof financing. Systemlease in an innovative product specifically designed for the IT and Communications market place that enables customers to keep pace with rapidly changing technologies. As business requirements change further products such as hardware, software, licenses, training or implementation can be added to the agreement without having to increase the monthly budget.  The scheme outlines future credit availability and provides comfort in the fact that today's purchase will not be soon outdated or restricted.

Lease Purchase

This facility is available for customers who wish to own the equipment at the end of the lease agreement. Lease purchase works on a leasing payment formula, but is similar in principle to hire purchase.  Writing down allowances may be claimed against the goods and tax relief can be claimed on any interest paid.  The deposit required is usually smaller than for a hire purchase agreement, but contracts cannot be amended once the agreement has commenced.

Software Only

Sometimes customers want to source their hardware and software from different places which is why we have developed one of the most flexible software-only contracts on the market.  This specialised form of finance overcomes the restrictive burdens of software licenses and where intangible elements make up the majority of the expenditure.

Print Plan

We are continually striving to introduce new and innovative products to our portfolio.  Print Plan introduces the most exciting reprographic leasing product for many years. A singular quarterly payment for equipment and maintenance expressed as a "Charge Per Print". 'Print Plan' provides lessee's with many benefits such as Flexible Term, Early Equipment Replacement, Reducing Term, No Penalties for Over Usage and above all providing a Controlled Monitor of Usage And Costs.

Why Lease?  
Freedom for your capital

Leasing offers 100% financing, allowing you to put your valuable working capital to better use - like increasing your profits - instead of tying it up in a depreciating asset.  Better still by leasing there is no deposit to pay and no daunting initial down payment.

Obsolescence? - It's obsolete!

Bad news I'm afraid.  The word 'new' has had a nervous breakdown. It's downfall was that it couldn't keep up with modern technology. But don't worry, another word has come to its rescue. Step forward Systemlease.  It makes obsolescence a thing of the past by allowing you the flexibility to purchase the upgrades you need - within the framework of the lease agreement.

Fixed Payments

Low Monthly Payments. 

Leasing not only allows companies immediate access to the latest equipment, it also means that your monthly payment is fixed throughout the term - whatever happens to interest rates or inflation.  Unlike many high street bank facilities or overdrafts that are subject to the change in market conditions, a lease facility with its protected payment allows for simple and effective future budgeting.

Single Solution

Our wide portfolio of products means we can always offer the right solution for your needs. From a simple one-off purchase, to a complex IT project which requires all elements of the package to be financed, we can meet your requirements. SystemLease is an excellent example of a product that has the flexibility to allow all the 'intangibles' like training, cabling and installation to be added to more traditional hardware and software items.

Excellent Tax Benefits

Because finance lease rentals are 100% allowable against pre-tax profits, the total cost of your purchase, capital and interest can be offset during the lease period, with your payments deducted as a trading expense. In reality it means that the real cost of your lease is in fact dramatically lower than the payments you make. In comparison, outright purchase ties up valuable capital, thereby crippling a company's development potential, while only offering reduced tax-deductible allowances.

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