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Mobile dimensional measuring devices

For many years the volumetric weights tariffs (aka Dimensional Weight) have been applied in a haphazard manner. It has simply been too awkward, inconvenient, and time consuming, for the drivers and warehousemen to capture the information.

Traditional methodology has involved the use of a tape measure, a calculator and notepad. Measuring each dimension, one had to then multiply them together, convert to cubic metres, and then multiply by the density factor.  If there were multiple boxes of differing dimensions, the whole process became time consuming and laborious. Therefore capturing dimensional weight was often not done and revenue and profits have been lost!

Where cubic measurement has been calculated and applied, it’s often been subject to dispute by the customer as there was no way of knowing if the cubic measurement was accurate.

The problem is obvious – the lack of a verifiable and efficient method for cubic measurement is costing companies time and money.

The solution is simple – Mobile dimensional weight measurement devices, the new dimension in freight measurement!

The freight industry world-wide is moving quickly to implement volumetric weight as the mandatory method for charging for the carriage of goods. Major airlines are intending to enforce this policy; many international couriers have implemented it already including UPS, DHL, FedEx and TNT.

Dimensional weight will soon become a common, ordinary feature of shipping and distribution, making the benefits of mobile dimensional measurement devices obvious.  Mobile dimensional weight measurement devices with peripherals such as printers and scales, are an easy to use, low cost and accurate means of dealing with volumetric weight.

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