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Newbury Data Recording Ltd, Unit 15, Road 5, Winsford Industrial Estate, Winsford, Cheshire, CW7 3SG

Tel: +44 (0)1606 593424   Fax: +44 (0)1606 558383

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About Newbury Data




Newbury Data is the UK’s leading manufacturer of thermal ticket printing and encoding solutions, including desktop, OEM & mobile printing, and self-service ticket vending machines.


Auto ID & RFID Solutions  

Manufacturing printers since 1974, Newbury Data’s reputation for our own high quality and highly reliable printers has made us the number one partner of choice to distribute thermal printers for the world’s leading manufacturers such as Citizen, Intermec, Printronix, Toshiba and Zebra

30+ years expertise in impact and thermal printing solutions has supported us developing unique solutions to help our customers migrate from legacy desktop or stand alone systems to use Mobile, Wireless, RFID and fully automated solutions interfacing into the latest WMS and ERP systems.  Newbury Data’s expertise in generating value added impact and thermal printing has resulted in solutions such as Barcode Quality Control for desktop thermal printers, as well support for our clients to migrate their applications from legacy desktop or stand alone systems, to use Mobile Printers, Mobile Computers, Data Capture or RFID peripherals.


Complementing our printing solutions Newbury Data have become a CipherLab Partner, an Intermec Honours Partner, including approved supplier status for Datalogic, Psion Teklogix, LXE, Motorola and Honeywell. This enables Newbury Data to be able to deliver batch & real time mobile data capture solutions including customer specific hand held computer software or full Auto ID and RFID applications. Writing either bespoke mobile computing or Healthcare identification and traceability software solutions has helped make Newbury Data one of the most sophisticated GS1 Auto ID solutions providers in the UK.


Professional Services  


The professional services team provide wireless LAN site surveys, project management, product installations and user training programs to suit all requirements.


Media & Maintenance  


Newbury Data provides advice and supply of consumables, labels, ribbons, print heads, spare parts, on-site maintenance and workshop repair services for all the products we supply.



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Financial Services


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Healthcare Solutions


Newbury Data has been supplying products and services to the healthcare sector for over 30 years. Current solutions include in patient identification and blood tracking and bespoke traceability solutions.

Positive Patient Identification (PPI)

PPI provides the foundation for all patient identification and tracking systems.

TraceSOFT Enterprise

TraceSOFT Enterprise is a blood transfusion traceability and patient safety system complying to the EU Directive and in line with recent NPSA IT Specifications recommendation.  TraceSOFT Enterprise removes the need for pathology managers replacing their entire existing pathology management system by adding the necessary solution for tracking outside of lab.


Ticket Printing Solutions

Newbury Data Ticket Printers and Kiosks

Since 1974, Newbury Data has become the UK's leading manufacturer of industrial impact printers, and Credit Card Size encoded ticket printers since 1998.

Newbury Data, Europe's leading manufacturer of thermal printing, encoding and issuing solutions. Designed for paper or plastic, magnetic stripe or RFID Contactless Smart 13.56 MHz ISO 14443 (credit card size) tickets for point of sale, after departure, q-busting and self service kiosks.

The product range has been developed to provide economical solutions for a range of thermal coated access control, mass transit, local authority transport, airline, event management, tourism, leisure and gaming tickets.


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